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It’s incredibly important that doors and windows are installed correctly by following the latest building regulations. That’s why Fixiz is a certified member of  FENSA, the UK’s largest and longest established certification scheme for the replacement of windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in England and Wales. This means we are certified and capable of fitting doors and windows safely.

Our tradesmen are experienced in all types of window and door fitting with minimal disruption and inconvenience to you. They will complete the installation to the highest standard and in a time efficient manner.

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Fixiz professional installing and reparing a window
Our professional Door and Window Fitters are fully trained and qualified, they work closely with you to achieve the exact look you have in mind for your home or business.
We take a pride in the quality of our finishing and our Final Inspection ensures every customer is 100% Satisfied. We inspect all finished work with you to ensure you are entirely happy.

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Fixiz professional installing and reparing a window
Interior, patio and sliding doors
Fixiz window fitting
Doors and Window Repair
Fixiz installer replacing and installation of windows, at work.
Windows Fitting
Door Fitter Fixiz
Doors Fitting

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Our highly skilled door and window Fitters provide a wide range of interior and exterior door and window services :

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At Fixiz, we pride ourselves in teaming with skilled craftsmen across a wide range of specialties to give you peace of mind when tackling all of your home improvement needs.

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Frequently asked questions:

A: uPVC or PVCu is a form of plastic and stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is a long-lasting building material often used for window frames as a substitute for painted wood. It is also known as rigid PVC due to the fact that it is hard and not flexible. It is a resistant form of PVC that is often used for pipework and window frames. uPVC window frames have a galvanised steel core, which is what gives the material its incredible strength and durability. This prevents warping, rot and rust that may commonly affect other window materials.

Double glazing refers to the use of two panes of glass in a window, often filled with a gas such as argon between the panes to add as an insulator. The reason so many people choose double glazed windows is that it can make such a big difference to their home in terms of reducing heat loss and energy bills.

A:  Double glazing has a number of benefits over single glazing. It is an ideal choice to improve your home’s energy efficiency, as the layer of insulation between the secondary glazing panels ensures maximum heat retention inside your home and minimum heat loss from the outside pane. This also reduces the noise pollution that enters your home.

In addition to noise insulation and saving on your energy bills, the double glazing cost could be a wise investment, as it may increase your property value.

A: Much of the energy saving benefit is made in the jump from single glazed windows to A-rated double glazing. Whilst there are incremental savings to be made from double glazing to triple glazing, it is often in our experience not offset by the additional cost of triple glazed windows.

Our recommendation to our customers is that double glazing strikes the best balance between cost and the benefits of excellent thermal insulation, noise reduction and a positive energy rating. We would only recommend triple glazing for a few cases such as living close to a very busy road where there are advantages to their sound reduction.

A: Thanks to the strength and durability of uPVC windows, they can last for as long as 30 years when properly maintained. At FIXIZ, we offer a 10 Year Guarantee on all our windows and doors. Do bear in mind though that, as windows age, the energy rating may be affected and coloured uPVC windows can fade in appearance.

A: We can't give you an exact figure for your window replacement cost, as there is no standard pricing and the cost of your replacement windows will depend on a wide variety of factors. These include your home, the specific window product and design you choose, the finishing options, such as sills, glazing, colours and handles, as well as the manufacturing quality and the time taken by our fitters to install your windows. Our specially qualified advisors can discuss your window glass replacement and payment options so you get an accurate quote. 

A: uPVC is completely safe and non-toxic, as well as being highly regulated during its production process. Burning PVC can release dioxins, which can be harmful to the environment. That’s why, at Safestyle, we operate a recycling policy, with over 16,000 tons of materials recycled each year.

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