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Why Fire Risk Assessments are Important and why choose FIXIZ

Fire Risk Assessment is a critical component of any fire safety plan, helping to identify potential fire hazards and assess the risk of a fire occurring in your building. By conducting a Fire Risk Assessment , you can ensure that your building is in compliance with all the latest legislation in the UK, and that you’re taking all necessary steps to reduce the risk of a fire.

According to the latest legislation in the UK, all commercial buildings are required to have regular fire risk assessments to ensure that they are in compliance with all fire safety regulations. The frequency of assessment will vary depending on the type of building, but it’s typically once a year for most buildings.

At our company, we offer comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment services to help building owners and managers ensure that their buildings are in compliance with all fire safety regulations. Our team of experienced technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your building, identifying any potential fire hazards and assessing the risk of a fire occurring.

If any issues are found, we will provide a detailed report, including recommended repairs or replacements, to help the building owner or manager get the fire doors back in compliance as quickly as possible.

FIXIZ Fire Risk Assessment Services

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Type of Occupancy & Premises Examination

Fire Escape Routes

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