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The introduction of the Tenants Deposit Scheme (TDS) and an ever increasing list of regulatory requirements for landlords, means that is more crucial than ever for landlords to have a professional inventory and schedule condition report prepared for their property.

At Fixiz we provide professional property inventory services for clients all across London. Our experienced assessors understand the importance of reliability, meticulous attention to detail and accuracy and this is evident in everything we do. From check ins and check outs to full property inventories, we’re committed to delivering reports that are not only comprehensive and concise but also represent great value for money.

Our inventory clerks have extensive industry experience and undertake a range of high quality services, often at very short notice, that is why in the case of a dispute between a landlord or their agent and a tenant regarding the return of a deposit, our property inventory reports will help reach a speedy resolution.

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To protect yourself against damage caused during the tenancy, it’s vital to carry out a detailed inventory before new tenants move in.

As all tenancy deposits must be registered with a government-approved scheme, tenants can dispute any deductions from their deposit. Without an inventory, landlords have little chance of claiming successfully.

That is why at Fixiz we provide accurate and detailed property inventory services for letting agents, landlords and property developers in London and surrounding.

Our property inventory services are used by a wide range of clients including private landlords, letting agents, housing associations, property management companies and relocation companies, and commercial organisations.

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Frequently asked questions:

A: Inventory clerks are professionals who make detailed notes of the condition and contents of a property before it is rented out by a landlord. The clerk may carry out mid-tenancy checks on the property, and will return when the tenancy expires to compare the original condition with the end-of-tenancy condition.

A: The service will usually last between an 2 hours and an 2 hours and a half. The report will be then delivered to you within the next 72 hours.

A: Inventory Clerks help manage stock levels in stores and warehouses by keeping tabs on the existing level of inventory. They may help count inventory and organize the stock room. They'll also predict future needs and may help order more stock to keep inventory at optimal levels.

A: An inventory report is defined as the "Production of the schedule of condition", in reality this is a detailed description of the condition of each room and its fixtures and content, as well as extensive photos.

A: A check-in is the handover of the property to the new tenants at the beginning of the tenancy. A clerk will meet the new tenant(s), handing over the keys and any additional information regarding the property. A preliminary inventory will then be provided to the tenant(s) for them to review and comment on. After a week, the final inventory report is completed and supplied to the landlord as part of the check-in report.

A: A check-out is the handover of the property from the tenants at the end of a tenancy, which involves a review of the state of condition, compared to any initial inventory. If you don't have an ingoing inventory (created at the start of the tenancy), a good check out report will still be evidence of the condition the property was left in and also if the tenant broke any clauses in the tenancy agreement i.e. not allowed to keep pets. Whilst without an ingoing inventory it will be harder to prove evidence for deposit deductions, a check out report without an ingoing inventory is still better than no check out done at all.

A: There is a common misconception that carrying out an inventory is a simple procedure – simply list the contents and state the décor, noting any marks or damage.

But in truth, it isn’t that straightforward. A proper inventory (and schedule of condition) should contain both descriptions and photographs, and depending on the size of the property, can easily run to 40 or 50 pages for an average-sized house. This level of detail is important if a landlord wants to be sure they can claim from a tenant’s deposit for damage.

A: Not necessarily, just as long as someone is there to meet the clerk at the allocated appointment time. You do not need to stay in the property. If you do stay we ask you give the clerk time and space to complete an independent report.

A: Yes, this can be done but it is not ideal for two reasons. First, it will be very difficult to work out if any issues were caused by the tenant after moving into the property but before the clerk arrived to do the inventory. Second, the clerk may not be able to fully inspect areas covered by the tenant’s belongings.

Once the tenant has moved into the property they have certain rights. For example, they may only allow access at certain times or decline permission for photos to be taken inside the property. This means a full inventory inspection may not be possible. If you book to do an inventory and/or check-in after the tenant has moved in, we recommend the landlord or tenant take their own meter readings on the day the tenancy starts, as readings taken during the inventory may not reflect the original utility usage for calculating bills.

For these reasons, we recommend that enough time and notice is allowed for the inventory to be carried out before the tenant moves in.

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